International Travel Options

International Travel Options

Japan Korea’s ultra-modern neighbor has long been a rival for locals, but offers and intriguing getaway. Tokyo’s fast paced and vibrant, while the likes of Kyoto offer unbelievable insight into the country’s striking past. The easiest place to fly to from Korea is probably Tokyo, though there’s also a good ferry connection from Busan to Japan’s southernmost island. Aside from those guided tours of North Korea, this is by far the most expensive local holiday option, but you’ll probably regret it if you don’t go at least once.

China So much to explore it’s unreal, and probably the cheapest place to get to from Korea. You’re not going to ‘see’ China without months on your hands, but pick an interesting destination – Qingdao, Beijing or Shanghai for example – and you’ll get a fantastic taste. It’s relatively affordable, has some unbelievable sights and is extremely culturally varied. Frankly, when you’re in this part of the world you’d be mad not to drop in at least once on your travels.

North Korea With the North/ South border closed for the time being, you’re going to have to pay through your nose and pre-book a tour through the Chinese border if you want to drop in on communist North Korea. It’s one of the most expensive tourist destinations in the world relative to quality, but it’s also so bizarre that you’ll never, ever forget it. Worth the cash? We’ll leave that one down to you; be sure to do your research on the exact details of the tour, first, though.

Taiwan An oft-forgotten tourist spot that includes sites like Taipei 101 and some truly stunning countryside for those who have a little more time. There’s also all the treasures of ancient China, carried to Taiwan as the defeated imperial army fled the incoming communists, ample tea fields and the country-wide smell of ‘smelly tofu’, which you might not like to try. Throw in the markets, stunning temples and early morning marshal arts and it’s intriguing to say the least.

Others – It goes without saying that – with Incheon Airport an increasingly international travel hub – options are plentiful. It’s worth baring in mind that many ‘travel’ options form Korean tourism agencies involve big groups and short travel times, so you might be better off booking online or on a flight only trip. Other interesting options include South East Asia, Guam, Hong Kong and The Philippines, as well as trips up north to Mongolia or Russia.